Institute No.of systems
 Arizona State University  1
 Barrow Neurological Institute  1
 Boston University  1
 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh  1
 Cornell University  4
 Duke University  2
 Duke University Medical Center  4
 Georgetown University  1
 Harvard University  2
 JFK Medical Center at New Jersey  1
 Louisiana Tech University  1
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  4
 Max-Planck Institute Florida  2
 Medical University of South Carolina  1
 Penn State College of Medicine  1
 Pittsburgh University  1
 Rutgers University  1
 Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute  1
 SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse  4
 Texas University  1
 The Rockefeller University  2
 The University of Texas at Austin  1
 University of California,Davis  1
 University of California,San Francisco  1
 University of California, Irvine  1
 University of Maryland  1
 University of Pennsylvania  1
 University of South California  1
 University of Utah  1
 Vanderbilt University  2
 Virginia Commonwealth University  2
 West Virginia University  1
 Yale University  3
Institute No.of systems
 The Australian National University 1
 The University of Melbourne 1
 University of Queensland  1
Institute No.of systems
 McGill University 1
 McMaster University 1
 The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto 1
 University of Manitoba  1
 University of Montreal 2
 University of Toronto 1
Institute No.of systems
 Beijing Normal University 1
 Chinese Academy of Science 4
 National University 1
Institute No.of systems
 Cardiff University 5
 King’s College London 1
 University college, London 2
 University of Newcastle 1
 University of Oxford 1
Institute No.of systems
 University of Helsinki 1
Institute No.of systems
Institute No.of systems
 Federal Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg 3
 Friedrich Alexander University, Nurnberg 1
 Humboldt University Berlin 2
 Institut fur Neurowissenschaften Munich 1
 Max-Planck Institute for Biology, Tubingen 1
 Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Munich 6
 Max-Planck Institute fur Medizinische, Forschung 3
 Ruhr University, Bochum 6
 Universitat Freiburg 1
Institute No.of systems
 Bar Ilan University 1
 The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1
 The Weizmann Institute of Science 5
Institute No.of systems
 Italian Institute of Neuroscience 1
 University of Bologna 1
Institute No.of systems
 Akita Brain & Vessel Research Institute 1
 Frontier Research Program – RIKEN 3
 Hokkaido University 1
 Juntendo University, School of Medicine 1
 Kyushu University – Faculty of Medicine 1
 Kyoto University – Primate Research Institute 1
 National Institute of Biology Science 1
 Osaka University 2
 Riken 2
 Tokyo Medical and Dental University 2
Institute No.of systems
 Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute 2
 Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute 1
Institute No. of systems
 DNC Bio 1
Institute No. of systems
 EPFL, Lausanne 2
 Frontier Research Program – RIKEN 3
 Institut D’Anatomie , Lausanne 1
 University de Lausanne 1
 University of Geneva 1
 Zurich Irchel University 1
Institute No.of systems
 National Yang Ming University 1


 NY Eye and Ear Infirmary, USA
 UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, UK
 Montreal University, Canada
 Emory University, USA
 La Visio Clinique, France
 Universitats- Augenklinik, Germany
 University of Campinas, SP, Brasil
 Glostrup Hospital, Denmark
 Eye Clinic Lucerne, Switzerland